Author, Composer, Musical Arranger, Artistic director and Teacher

14 Participations at the San Remo Song Festival
4 Victories
1 Golden Globe
1 Nomination David of Donatello Award
More than 20 albums as an arranger, author and composer
5 albums as a producer
Over 100 jingles advertising
Wrote for: Mia Martini, Aleandro Baldi, Laura Pausini, Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony, Il Divo, Gianni Morandi, Anna Oxa, Marco Masini.

How a Song is Born

An innovative project, which combines the immense experience of the maestro with meetings and film to teach you all you need to know about modern music.

“I’ve always been convinced that the most important mission of the artist is not just the creative aspect but the capacity to pass on knowledge to the future generations. Look forward to meeting you, Marco Falagiani”


From Spadaro to Fedez

Saturday 14th July 3:00 pm – Florence. A century of song in a world that evolves. A seminar that explores creative and structural changes of song, with Marco Falagiani. Info and contact: WhatsApp...

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How a Song is Born 2nd level

Sunday 24th June 3:00 pm - Florence. Having affronted the subject of composition here we discover new and supplicated means available to the writing of modern music, starting with the creative aspect. Studio EMME - Via Mascagni 45 - Calenzano (FI) Info and contact:...

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Technique and heart

Seminar with Marco Masini, Marco Falagiani. Saturday 16th June 3:00 pm. For author, composer and singer. Info and contact: WhatsApp...

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WITH ALEANDRO BALDI AND MARCO FALAGIANI SAT JUNE 30 3.30 PM  Seminar with Aleandro Baldi and Marco Falagiani. Saturday 30st June 3.30 pm - Florence. Course for lyric writers and music lovers. Eight monthly meetings. Discover the secrets of words in music with Aleandro...

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The project “Quadri di note” (Images of Notes) intends to revive and relive by pictures, film clips, quotations and interviews the last 25 years of Italian musical history accompanied by the film soundtracks and melodies composed by maestro Marco Falagiani.

An acoustic version of this concert is also proposed entitled “View of the Mediterranean”


What hides behind Napoleon’s curtain? Secrets, malice, rancor, illusions? The is the story is told by Antonio Revelli, a painter, not exactly affirmed, but appreciated by the Emperor. It was Revelli who painted the curtain that will fall on the stage of the Vigilanti Theater in Portoferraio. He tells the story it in a dream, full of metaphors, meeting with the voice of the emperor who confides with him thorough songs.

Love Velia, Marco Falagiani and Pierluigi Berdondini

The technique of their concert is a mixture of music and words inspired by the essence and temperament of the Etruscan beauty Velia. A lady liberated and emancipated in life and life style embodies the character and charm of Tuscan womanhood: – bold, savvy, tyrannical beauty, harmonious and dignified. On this occasion Giancarlo Bigazzi and Marco Falagiani celebrate these women with their art.




Twelve melodic songs and twelve intense poems alternate in a dialogue about love subtly woven with the intertwining of words, singing and music, giving life to a very delicate and evocative atmosphere. The various lyrics and interpretations of Italian or foreign artists and poets illustrate the different moments of love life; during the show the joy of discovering the meaning of the warmest and deepest feeling in our lives is always kept alive.t.



Radio Stuoff represents a project for songs which range from pop to indie-rock. An ambitious idea dictated by the need for innovation but with its base in the refined “italianità” of Luca Laruccia.

This artist is both recognizable and contemporary for his warm vocal tones and the way of expressing the everyday world around him. In addition, he emanates an expressive empathy which envelopes his audience at live performances.




    Marco Falagiani 2018. All rights reserved. Foto Alessandro Alex Fibbi Photography. Realizzazione sito FC

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