His musical studies begin at six years of age with the pianoforte. At 13 he begins to play pop and dance music with different Tuscan groups and to compose his first songs. From the mid -Seventies he becomes the arranger and side-man for guitarist and sound technician Bob Rose followed by a period in a renowned Florentine studio of the musician Piero Barbietti specialized in composing jingles for commercials. At 22 from 1978-79 he accompanies the tour of Claudio Baglioni “Tu come stai” as keyboard player. In 1982 with singer Laura Landi he opens his own recording studio and begins to actualize his own commercial jingles (Giochi Preziosi, GIG).
1980 Tour with Fred Bongusto as key board player.
1982 Begins his collaboration with Pupo becoming the leader of his band and composing, arranging and realizing the artist’s album “Quello che sono”.
1988 Abandons his medical studies to dedicate himself totally to music.
1989 The most momentous meeting of his career with Giancarlo Bigazzi. He is assigned to the first record of Marco Masini. The song “Disperato” wins the first prize for newcomers and award of the critics at the San Remo song festival in 1990.
This marks the beginning of a long and fruitful co-operation with the maestro Bigazzi and leads him the following to arrange and direct the song of Umberto Tozzi “Gli altri siamo noi”
at the San Remo festival. He also arranges and directs the piece in English for the singer Howard Jones foreign artist coupled with Tozzi. During the same period Falagiani works on a compilation of Tozzi’s songs “Le mie canzoni” reorganizing famous melodies such as “Donna amante mia” and “Io camminerò”. The record was rereleased in France in 2002 and sold 2 million copies.
1990 also saw the arrangement and production of two film sound tracks composed by Bigazzi “Volevo I Pantaloni” di Maurizio Ponzi and “Ragazzi fuori” di Marco Risi, discovering new sonority in the area of the Maghreb and also in the Rai.
1991 Arrangement and production of film soundtrack written by Bigazzi “Un piede in paradiso”
starring Bud Spencer.
1992 Composition with Baldi and Bigazzi of “Non amarmi” This song (musical arrangement also by Falagiani) performed in duet Aleandro Baldi and Francesca Alotta won the section Novità at the Sanremo festival. It would be top 10 hit parade for 12 weeks and the most sold single in Italy by 29th 1992. The Spanish version was inserted in the first album of Jennifer Lopez. It also received a nomination for a Latin Grammy award for the best performance of a group or duo. Together with Baldi and Alotta composes other melodies of the album and oversees the musical arrangement of all pieces. He actuates the live tour of Aleandro and Francesca as musical director. In the same period, he undertakes the musical arrangement for the live performance of Baldi “il Sole” which will win the Festival Cantagiro. He rearranges two pieces for Mia Martini who is also present at the event “Minuetto” and “Piccolo Uomo”.
Finally, he conducts the orchestra for Fausto Leali who interprets the work of Baldi “Perché” and for Pupo “La mia Preghiera” Composition with Baldi and Bigazzi for Mia Martini “Gli uomini non cambiano” 2nd place Festival Sanremo category “Big”. In her album “Lacrime” Falagiani arranges the tracks “Versilia”, “Lacrime”, “Uomini Farfalle”. He arranges and conducts the orchestra when Mia Martini participates in the Eurovison Song Contest of the same year with “Rapsodia” written by Baldi and Bigazzi and classified 4th.
Soundtrack for Mediterraneo with Bigazzi. For the time shows an innovative use of antique instruments to create the adapt atmosphere for the film. The soundtrack will receive Golden Globe whilst the film an Oscar for the Best Foreign Film.
1993 Sanremo Festival. Writes, arranges and directs with Bigazzi and Dati “Un anno con noi” for Francesca Alotta. Directs the trio Dik, Camaleonte Equipe 84 in the song “Come passa il tempo” written by Bigazzi and Del Turco and Alessandro Canino in “Tu tu tu” by Giuseppe Dati. He accompanies the tour of Marco Masini as pianist and keyboard player.
1994 Sanremo Festival Victory of his composition (with Baldi and Bigazzi) “Passerà”
He also arranges the music and conducts the orchestra. Musical arrangement of the album “Ti chiedo onestà”.
Author and arranger of the album of Marco Masini “Il cielo del Vergine” (released in 1995).
1996 Sanremo Festival Arranges and conducts the orchestra for Aleandro Baldi in the song” Soli al bar”. For the same artist arranges and actuates the album “Tu sei me” writing with Bigazzi “Vai di nostalagia”. He also arranges and produces the record of comedian Federico Salvatore “Il Mago di Azz” and conducts the orchestra when the artist performs the song “Sulla porta” on the stage of the Ariston theatre. With Bigazzi cooperates with the realization of the sound track of the film “Silenzio si nasce” written by Bigazzi. Arrangement and realization of Mia Martini’s live musical “Per aspera ad astra “, “L’amore sia con te “written with Bigazzi for Marco Masini. This will be the title of a compilation which will be one of the greatest successes of the artist.
1997 New record of Federico Salvatore “Coiote interotto” and concept Album Francesca Alotta “Buonanotte alla luna”, author of the same song.
Oversees in the Uk a new version of “Ci vorebbe il mare” transformed to a duo with Marco Masini and Monserrat Caballe.
1998 Sanremo Festival Musical arrangement and conductor for budding artist Liliana Tamberi songs (category newcomers)” Beccati un no” and “Un graffio in più”.
Composer with Bigazzi, Nincheri, Battaglioli of “Lasciaci per amore” for Gianni Morandi (performed by Morandi as super guest at Sanremo 1999) presented as track of the Album “30 the same year”.
1999 Meeting with Anna Oxa after her triumph with “Senza Pieta” at the Sanremo festival. Appointment as her musical director to rearrange her repertoire and organize her new concert. This collaboration will last for more than five years. Also, Jennifer Lopez will record this year with Marc Anthony the song “Non amarmi” part of her first disc which will sell worldwide six million copies.
2000 Festival Sanremo Arranges and conducts orchestra for Claudio Fiori with the song “Fai la Tua Vita” Afterwards together with Giancarlo Bigazzi he composes the album for this artist which will be released later in the year.
2001 Anna Oxo as permanent guest at Panariello’s Saturday night show assigns him to an arrange a series of her repertoire to reflect the multifaceted and multi ethnic influences underlying Italian melody (as portrayed in Mediterraneo), with shades of techno- pop. After having taken part in the programme he writes with Panariello “La Panchina” and “The New York Times” (his also the musical arrangement) for Anna Oxa which will become the single within the new album called “Collezione”. Composition for Laura Pausini “Come si fa” and writes and arranges the album for Marco Masini “Uscita di Sicurezza”.
2002 Sanremo Festival composes, arranges, and conducts orchestra for entry of Fioradaliso.
Puts into effect the album of this artist “Risolutamente decisa”. Based on the life work and teachings of Don Milani the composition of “I care” for Aleadro Baldi which will become the single “The Best” an edition of unpublished versions of his successes “The Best and the New”
This song has been used in some schools as a teaching method.
For Gianni Morandi the composition of “Il mio Amico” used in a state sponsored commercial for the handicapped and assigned an award in Campidoglio. The melody will be part of the album “L’amore ci cambia la vita” Composition of three songs for the Canadian artist IMA part of an album of the same title. Organizes and participates as pianist and keyboard player for the current tour of Anna Oxa. Begins to compose with Marco Carnesecchi the songs will make up the album “Ho un sogno” for Anna Oxa which will be released the next year.
2003 Sanremo Festival. Artistic production for Anna Oxa’s song “Cambiero” written by him with Marco Carnesecchi which will be released after the competition in the album “Ho un sogno”. His song again interpreted by Oxa “Giovanni” wins the Lunezia award. Rearranges all the repertory of the songs of Anna Oxa for the Concato Oxa theatrical tour together with Concato and will accompany the tour as pianist, keyboard player and organist.
2004 Composition of three songs for Gianni Morandi “Cassius Clay”, “Quando non ci sarai”, “Tangenziale”, part of the album “A chi si ama veramente”. December the English boy band Il Divo records “Passerà” which will sell 2 million copies worldwide. Musical Director of the tour of Patty Bravo.
2005 Assigned as artistic producer by “Don’t Worry” to the performer Fabrizio Moro for the completion of some works. Sanremo Festival conducts orchestra for Ugo Tozzi with the song “Le mie parole”.
2006 Writes, arranges and completes the soundtrack “Cover Boy” directed by Carmine Amoroso. The film receives the following awards: “Sergio Leone prize”, “Best Film Festival Politico Barcelona”, “Est Film Festival” and “Med Film Festival”. The work is also presented at the first “Rome Film Festival”. Together with Giancarlo Bigazzi, Gaetano Curreri, and Saverio Grandi composition of the theme “E mi alzo sui pedali” for the television film “Il Pirata Marco Pantani” directed by Claudio Bonivento. The song will be performed by “Stadio” and placed in the album “Parole nel vento”. He will also compose with Bigazzi the entire film sound track, together with its arrangement and realization. With the project for new record Fabrizio Moro choses him as artistic producer. Marco obtains the collaboration of Bigazzi as artistic supervisor for this initiative. He also decides to present to Pippo Baudo one of the last compositions of Fabrizio Moro as a candidate for Sanremo. Pippo Baudo will be so favorably impressed that the song will be admitted to the festival.
2007 Fabrizio Moro wins the Sanremo Festival category Giovani and Falagiani reaches 4 victories in this musical event. 1990 Musical arranger for Marco Masini “Disperato” 1992 Author and arranger “Non amarmi”1994 Author and arranger for Baldi “Passerà” 2007 Artistic and record producer “Pensa” for Fabrizio Moro. The song will win also the critics prize Mia Martini. A video is produced for the song directed by Marco Risi and featuring the actor Francesco Benigno and Rita Borsellino together with some of the cast of the film Mery. The video will win the prize Roma videoclip. The album “Pensa” will be awarded the Lunezia prize and a platinum disc by FIMI. He will also be the organizer of a gala evening fin honour of Bigazzi within the manifestation “Il genio firentino” held at Palazzo Medici Riccardi and asked to compose its new anthem.
2008 Soundtrack with Bigazzi for the Rai series “L’Ultimo Padrino” the story of Bernando Provenzano with Michele Placido directed by Marco Risi. As victor of the category Giovani the year before at Sanremo Fabrizio Moro automatically participates amongst the “Big”. He takes 3rd place with the song “Eppure mi hai cambiato la vita” chosen by Marco Falagiani. The video accompanying the song wins the prize Roma videoclip. For the evening of the duos Moro will give a memorable execution with Curreri. Simultaneously the album produced by Falagiani “Domani” is released and obtains a gold disc from FIMI selling more than 40,000 copies.
2009 Fabrizio Moro participates at Sanremo as a guest of Fausto Leali for the evening dedicated to duos. The artists will sing together “Un piccolo parte di te”. Falagiani will continue to work with Moro in the creation of six songs for his new EP “Barabba”.
2010 Fabrizio Moro at his 3rd San Remo presents the song “Non è una canzone”. On this occasion he publishes the album “Ancora Barabba” with songs of Barabba plus seven novelties of which “Quel fischio sopra la Pianura” music by Gaetano Curreri and text by the renowned poet Robert Roversi.
2011 After their working experience together on “Proxima” Anna Oxa renews this relationship for her next tour. During this period, he accompanies her on the piano for the RAI programme “Il migliore anni” It is this year that the maestro turns his attention towards teaching with the plan for a concert entitled “Quadri di note” which will trace his life accomplishments in mix of images and music. The singer songwriter Franco Fasano entrusts him with the creation of a new version of the famous song “Mi manchi” (originally interpreted by Fausto Leali) his anthology album fff Fortissimo which will be published the next year. The song will be arranged and carried out by Falagiani who will also play the piano with the incomparable backing of the ORT conducted by maestro Martelli. Last but not least he will arrange for the same album “La Luna” which Fasano composed for Mia Martini.
2012 He accompanies on stage Anna Oxa for her tour “Grandi Successi in tour” This enterprise will cover a whole year of his career.
2013 February The Sunday after the Sanremo accompanies on the piano Anna Oxa when she makes her appearance at the “Arena” of Massimo Giletti. Afterwards he will organize with friend /manager Enrico Rovelli the tour of the star entitled “History”. A concert with new arrangements and innovative resonances of her greatest successes traces the career of the artist Anna Oxa. The tour will be present at Italy’s most famous theatres: from the Bellini in Naples to the Sistina in Rome, to Obihall Florence, to the Colosseo Turin and the Ariston San2emo . At the same time, he brings to fruition “Quadri di note”, arranging the song, choosing the musicians, organizing the video material (interviews video clips, testimonials) which will be essential to the show. During the summer after a show of Anna Oxa at the Fiera dell’ Economia Mare the maestro will receive an award in recognition of his work.
2014 Dedicated totally to the preparation of “Quadri di note” which will be presented on 20thAugust in the gardens of Palazzo d’Avalos. It will earn considerable success with the critics and public alike.
2015 March, Forte Belvedere Florence takes part at the event “Ventum” dedicated to the career of Maestro Bigazzi. With the actor Marco Paoli he will perform on the piano some of the great successes of the maestro. May Judge at the selection of “Festival Show “. Here he will make the acquaintance of M.Diego Basso (Conductor for Il Volo) who will invite him to the end of the academic year concert of his school Art Voice Academy and pay tribute to him with the execution by the Veneto Philharmonic Orchestra of a medley of his most significant works. July The theatre of Pietrasanta guest of Aleandro Baldi and Marino Bardoletti at their show celebrating the history of Tuscan music. July Alassio Evening “Quello che gli autori non dicono” organized by Franco Fasano in his and Giancarlo Bigazzi’s honour. Some of his repertoire will be performed by the author himself and others by the singer Valentina Galasso. At the invitation of the Mayor he will sign a brick to be added to the famous wall of Alassio which already boasts the names of Hemingway, Armstrong, Endrigo amongst others. August evening in honour of Giancarlo Bigazzi “Gente di Mare” Piazza Cavour Portoferraio Isle of Elba with Sergio Mascagni. Up and coming artists perform the works of the great maestro Bigazzi. The latter will be part of the jury as a clear sign of his interest in the new generations. September Arena Verona invitation to the opening night of the finale of the contest “Festival Show”. Performance of the film themes of “Mediterraneo” accompanied by the Veneto Philharmonic Orchestra and the singer Valentina Galasso. Charity Event with Valentina Galasso at Castelfranco Veneto organized by M. Diego Basso, together with another famous guests Roby Facchinetti, Luisa Corna and Sonohra. November “La fabbrica delle lampadine” Milan concert in trio (an idea of manager Giorgio Vicini) Falagiani sings Falagiani accompanied by Marcos Siqueira and Valentina Galasso. He performs his songs in their embryonic stage, prior to their success interpreted by other artists.
2016 Work begins with his friend musician and sound mixer Marzio Benelli to create an album based on the concert Falagiani sings Falagiani. He also works on the perfection of his own personal method of composition for didactic purposes and returns to the completion of a book abandoned sometime before. June Greve in Chianti Show “Quadri di Note” to celebrate the lap of the “Giro d’Italia”. September Instigated by Valentina Galasso work begins on “Comenasceunacanzone” . A series of seminars on the composition of modern music starts in November and proves both appreciated and successful. The pianoforte used is Kawai in particular Kawai E508. The same month Dario Salvatori journalist, music critic and writer invites Marco Falagiani to Florence as expert for the presentation of his new book “Il Salvadori 2017 Song Dictionary”.
2017 Together with the poet Pierluigi Berdondini Presentation of “Amare Velia” in the historic backcloth of Murlo Siena. This work a combination of music centres around an Etruscan beauty. Here the Maestro Falagiani performs some of the themes from “Mediterraneo” which blend naturally with the story written by the poet.

In 2018, again with the poet and friend Pierluigi Berdondini, he decided, at the request of some personalities of the Island of Elba, to write a story of music and poetry about Napoleon Bonaparte. On June 9, he represented it in front of the public and critics at Teatro dei Vigilanti in Portoferraio. The intention is to bring it on stage as a stable event during the coming months, in the most prestigious locations on the island.

At the end of the same year he produced the single / cover “Scrivimi” by Radiosuoff, in collaboration with Nino Buonocore.

At the beginning of 2019, at the request of Art Voice Academy directed by maestro Diego Basso, he began a three-year course on the composing songs. He is currently producing the new single “Stringimi le mani” by Radiosuoff which will be released along with the video within a short time.

He continues his main activity as an arranger, author and composer. He gives lectures, courses and seminars entitled “comenasceunacanzone”.

He performs in concert with his shows “Pictures of Notes” (story of an author and his songs), “Amare Velia” (an Etruscan story of music and poetry), “The curtain of Napoleon” (story of Napoleon).

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