Twelve melodic songs and twelve intense poems alternate in a dialogue about love subtly woven with the intertwining of words, singing and music, giving life to a very delicate and evocative atmosphere.

The various lyrics and interpretations of Italian or foreign artists and poets illustrate the different moments of love life; during the show the joy of discovering the meaning of the warmest and deepest feeling in our lives is always kept alive.

The selected pieces traverse the poetic worlds of authors such as Pablo Neruda, Jacques Prevert, García Lorca, Nâzım Hikmet while highlighting lyrics by superb poets such as Sappho, Emily Dickinson and Alda Merini.

Each poetic piece is associated with a different color to evoke every moment of love: from birth, to the growth of desire, to the manifestation of passion, also paying attention to jealousy or the pain of loss.

The alternation of the seasons of love allows us to rediscover the thousand colors with which it continues to surprise and enchant us. The music is masterfully created and/or performed by Maestro Marco Falagiani, the songs interpreted by the fluted voice of Valentina Galasso, both assisted by Marta Di Stefano.

The creator of the show is the writer Adriano Scarmozzino who developed the contents together with Maestro Marco Falagiani and Valentina Galasso.


MARCO FALAGIANI (pianoforte, chitarra, voce)
VALENTINA GALASSO (voce, tastiere)

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