“Falagiani sings Falagiani” a concept to explore the song at its origins before it becomes “property” of outside interpretation. A voyage which travels back to rediscover the beginnings. In this way Marco Falagiani becomes a singer song writer, performing diverse melodies. Some of them are known internationally due to their success at Sanremo. Others allow the author to manifest an interior depth which is not in the realm of any other artist.
Once a song has been created it is then the task of the author to adapt it to the technical and expressive abilities of the chosen interpreter just as a tailor fits a suit to a customer. Therefore, on this occasion the melodies which the Maestro hummed as he composed at the piano will be portrayed showing his real intention and depth. The musical journey will be interspersed with anecdotes, stories revealing the tales told over the years of the association of Falagiani and Giancarlo Bigazzi.
Together with the Maestro will be Valentina Galasso (vocals, keyboard, percussion) and Marcos Siquiera (bass, double bass, guitar, percussion and vocals ).

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